7 Best Desserts To Just Add Durian And Eat

It’s no secret that in recent years, various bakeries have created a diverse amount of pastry desserts around the durian theme and taste.

For instance, there are durian puffs, fried durians, durian sandwiches, just to name a few.

There are even businesses setup solely round a single durian dessert.

But no matter how delightful these desserts are, there is no doubt that the average person would not be able to make them themselves without the necessary equipment and time commitment.

For example, durian puffs can look simple and budget-friendly. But making them can be a huge hassle that takes hours of your time.

And if you are going to commit that amount of time, it’s really not worthwhile to only make a few.

This is why we’d rather pay to buy them rather than make them ourselves.

The good news is that there are several desserts that already taste great, and would be even better by just adding durian flesh into the mix.

It’s just a matter of extracting durian flesh from the fruitlet and putting it into the already-prepared dessert.

And you can try them within the next hour without having to go through the messy affair of baking or cooking at all.

1) Soya beancurd

Soya beancurd, or tau huay, is such a favorite snack among many that some people cannot go a day without a serving.

Soya beancurd is basically a part-solid-part-liquid dessert that looks like pudding made from a slurry of soya beans and water.

It’s texture is like pudding, but less solid and more watery.

They are basically available everywhere and can be purchased at a very affordable price.

Add durian paste or flesh on top and start digging in.

If you don’t like your tau huey mashed, then don’t mix durians with it into a blend.

2) Chendol

Durian chendol is not something new and have been proven to be a dessert with significant pull-factor.

So much so that there are people who travel to Melaka or Penang and make durian chendol one of the things to do on their holiday checklist.

But you really don’t need to schedule a vacation or travel overseas to have durian cendol.

Chendol is essentially a sweet dessert made of shaved ice mixed with coconut milk, red beans and pandan jelly.

You can easily order a takeaway at most foodcourts and hawker centers.

Then add your mao shan wang into it to savour the magic.

3) Thai style sticky rice

If there’s one dessert that you absolutely have to try in Thailand, it is the mango sticky rice.

This is a tiny dessert dish served with sticky glutinous rice, mango and coconut milk.

While some people might contend that the glutinous rice used for this dessert is nothing unique, there are also many who feel that this desserts taste best with authentic Thai glutinous rice.

Well, if you happen to walk by one of those stalls that sell them and unable to prevent yourself from grabbing one, add a little durian into the mix and give it a try.

You are going to love it.

4) Milk pudding

There’s a huge movement going on against the consumption of milk with durians.

But the adverse effects of this food combination is not backed up by science.

Milk pudding is heavenly delicious on it’s own. But spicing it up with durians takes the experience up a notch or two.

5) Waffle

Those who loves waffles all around the world will definitely agree that the quality of any waffle dessert highly depends on the quality of the waffle.

And it can be very difficult to get any consistency into the batter. And those with consistency like chain stores usually don’t make the best waffles.

But it can be safe to say that even an average waffle can turn into a dream when it is topped with creamy durian meat.

You can easily buy a plain waffle at $1 a pop. Then transform it into a $10 delicacy by adding a pulp of premium durian like black thorn.

Even a small amount of durian to each bite can make a huge difference.

So if you have a waffle machine, don’t let it sit there and go to waste.

6) Cheese

Like durians, cheese is a food item that you can either love of hate.

If you love cheese and durians on their own, this combination can bring a tear in your eye.

The problems is choosing what type of cheese.

Some suggestions are:

  • Cheesecake
  • Cheese sticks
  • Mozzarella cheese (yes, heat it and let it melt)
  • etc

Just take note that this is definitely not belly-friendly.

7) Ondeh ondeh

Ondeh ondeh is a popular daily snack cum dessert in Singapore.

It also goes by the name klepon.

It’s a green ball made of rice cake filled with palm sugar (or gula melaka) and sprinkled with coconut flakes (or shreds) on the outside.

This little snack alone is often enough to fulfill the sudden sweet-tooth urge. But the potency for it to arouse your sugary senses can be magnified by coating it with durian flesh.

Be warned that this can be highly addictive.